Bee Happy Family Event

Saturday 28th July
12:00 – 18:00
Tottenham’s Café Connect, Down Lane Park, Park View Rd, Bowling Green & Pavillion, N17 9EX

The Bee Happy family team will host a series of workshops and activities on biodiversity, eco arts & eco therapy to celebrate the little friends in nature that help us grow food, flowers and keep us happy on this precious earth, and in our beautiful Tottenham. There will be various outdoor activities, including meeting the Queen Bee.

Bee Happy Activities on the day include:

Observation hive - Meeting Queen Bee and Bee Quiz Craft workshops -Artist creating little creatures from wood, branches and natural materials around us
Artist / photographer Investigating with looking glass, fungus, Fun Guys Gardening, growing food composting meeting worms that makes it possible for us to have healthy soil Information stall

Free event.